Erratic is an underground rap artist based out of New England. With an immense passion for music after being raised on Rock and Hip-Hop, Erratic is now unleashing his music to the underground masses.

Influenced by underground acts such as Tech N9ne, Twiztid, ICP and many others, Erratic has developed his own style of horror-fueled music. While continuously growing and evolving, Erratic is determined to create some of the dopest content on the scene today.

Erratic’s first full-length studio album, Apocalyption was released on 2/19/21 featuring a track with Blaze Ya Dead Homie. This album exhibits Erratic’s aggressive and in-your-face style with a murderous vibe.

With the undeniable interests in horror entertainment and wicked raps, it is no mistake that Erratic belongs in the underground. Dedicated to bringing hard-hitting music and keeping the wicked shxt alive!